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Welcome to Falmouth Wheelers

This website is now frozen in time.  We now have a new website in a new format. Here you will find a new improved experience while the old Falmouth Wheelers spirit lives on!


Please use the new site at www.falmouthwheelers.club to get your news and post your ride reports, comments and messages - see the new site for full information on setting up accounts, contact details and so on.  We are working behind the scenes to make the full transition to the new site. Once that is complete the current address www.falmouthwheelers.co.uk will be directed to the new site and the old site will be preserved in aspic and made available to view and wonder over from the new site.

Wheelers AGM 22nd February

8.00pm at Woodlane Social Club.

Full details of the AGM, including Chairman's and Treasurer's reports are in the members area.


I am organising a night out to Country Skittles on the above date.  There is lots to do, 9 pin skittle alleys (cost is £12.50 for one alley for 30 minutes for 6-8 people), they also have shooting gallery, pool tables, air hockey, table football, lots of board games and so on.  There is a restaurant serving a wide range of starters, salads, steaks, curries, burgers and fish.  Have a look on their website “Country Skittles”.  Please e mail me if you would like to join us, I need to know whether you want to play Skittles and whether you want to eat there so that I can book the right amount of skittle alleys and reserve tables for food.
Fred (email - fredncarol@hotmail.com)

Apparently some Sunday riders are lost without a destination on the website,
so I will start throwing darts at a map, hopefully of Cornwall, and post destinations in the Calendar,
of course if there is a better Darts player who can make other suggestions they are welcome to send them to us.

Message from the Chancellor. 

Club subs are now due £10 please pay at this months meeting so she doesn't have to chase you.

Woodlane membership is also due, please pay this as it keeps the club going and means we don't 

have to pay for meetings if we're all members. 


There will be a 10 o'clock ride from 10th Dec to the end of February. 




Latest News

Pathfinder February 18th The Day of the “P”
Feb 20, 2018, 10:50 am

Thirteen brave members met at Trekenning car park in St Column to take part in this month’s Pathfinder.

Helston Trevor, Robin, Chris and Phil 1 cycled from home joined by Phil 3 at Ladock and with Bernie back from down under was Ian, Liz, Trevor 1 and the electric Ladies Karen, Barbara, Denise and yours truly set off in a roughly easterly direction. There was quite a bit of low lying cloud about (mizzle) and immediately we had our first visit from the “P” fairy calling on Phil 1. (1) So leaving a loyal band of supporters we set off make a leisurely ride up past Trewan hall and it’s lovely campsite towards Denzill Downs. Several of us were amazed at how easily the electric ladies made the hills look. We waited at the junction turn to St Eval but were soon joined by the “P” group, we continued on through the mist to join the Main road above Mawgan Porth. We stopped in Mawgan Porth for a coffee and bacon bap for those who had ridden up and were in need of sustenance. While we were enjoying our coffee’s Chris fixed his tyre after he had received a visit from the “P” fairy (2) We then had two hills to negotiate to take us past Watergate bay, before reaching Porth Beach we turned left heading for Trewince, where after a steep ascent Helston Trevor had a visit from the “P” fairy (4) again a small party waited as we made our way to join the Main A3059 for a short ride to the Air Ambulance base. After we all had a go at flying the Helicopter doing high fives with their Mascot we had a very welcome cup of Tea and a scone (Jam first). A short ride followed across to Trebudannon where after a little dip we had a fifth visit from our friend the “P” fairy this time finding Barbara (5) the first attempt at fixing it was unsuccessful so a second stop ensued (5a) this enabled several of the members to have a go on Denise’s bike obviously part of their retirement plans. So eventually we made it back to the Car park leaving those who rode up to cycle back home.

20 ish miles for me about 60 for those intrepid riders who rode up.

Thanks to all who supported the ride ( you never regret going )

Truro Cycling Campaign : Chiverton Cross
Feb 13, 2018, 1:42 pm
There will be a Photoshoot at St Agnes 10.30 and Truro 11.30 this Sunday, to publise this.
  Highways England are currently consulting on the proposed new dual carriageway upgrade to the the A30 and the Truro Cycling Campaign Group are concerned that a golden opportunity to cater for cyclists who want to travel directly and safely to Truro (and beyond) is being overlooked in the draft plans. Here is an extract from a message received from a leading TCC member calling on all interested parties to respond to this important element of the plan .............
"Truro Cycling Campaign are calling for a safe and direct cycle crossing at the site of the existing Chiverton roundabout as part of the Chiverton to Carland Cross A30 upgrade  The campaign sees it as part of a bigger vision for a cycle highway between St Agnes (and other north coast villages) and Truro.   Currently the proposals mean cyclists would have to cross at the new roundabout over half a kilometer to the east, a big detour, and still face heavy traffic.

The 2011 census show there are over 1000 commuter movements each day between the St Agnes area and Truro.  Being just 7 miles and relatively flat, a direct and safe cycle highway along this route could increase cycling rates exponentially (especially when factoring in electric bikes) and in doing so help reduce congestion, improve air quality and promote health.  Instead we have an A30 upgrade proposal which could write this out for ever.  It's a now or never opportunity!!
We need as many people to respond to the A30 consultation as possible. There is a link to the consultation survey form from the Truro Cycling Campaign website and some points relating to cycling which people can use when responding:

Please do spread the word.
The deadline for responses is 12 March."
The Consultation Document is also in Truro Library and well worth a look. You may have other comments to make on this proposed scheme.

Long Ride Sunday 11th February
Feb 11, 2018, 10:25 pm

The forecast was as reliable as ever with suggestion of freezing temperatures, hail, snow, sleet and of course strong winds so it was a poor turn at H.Q. The Lizard was to be our destination so immediately Dean announced he was off to Helston boating lake to feed the ducks! The R.S.P.B. would be proud of him. So that left six intrepid or is it insipid riders to make their way. At Brill we were met by Trevor who had gone to call for Shane who wanted to do the 10.00 o’clock ride! But to Trevor surprise he wasn’t there. So now the magnificent seven rode onwards. It was pleasant through Trelowarren estate we survived the rest. The Lizard appeared to be very much closed when we arrived so we continued down to the very end café and as usual Pete was open for business and very busy all the window seats were occupied by people who looked as if they had been nursing their cups of coffee for some time just to enjoy the view. We settled for a table on the mezzanine floor and awaited to be served. Eggs on toast and full breakfasts were the order of the day except for Jim who settled for Carrot Cake.

We then had the joy of making our way home via Helston the joy of cycling into a freezing North west wind has to be experienced we even had a delightful hail storm just to add a bit of spice. Trevor and Robin left us at Helston to check out a possible Wednesday evening venue.

Jim went his own way probably in search of more carrots so 4 of us ended up back at Halvasso request stop. The usual emotional farewell ceremony took place & I made my way home.

Thanks to a supporting cast of Amanda, Phil 2, Phil 3, Trevor, Robin and Jim.

About 53ish not as cold as expected miles

P.S. Don’t forget next Sunday is Pathfinder leaving from St Column (Major) car park at 10.00 a.m.


Mallorca here we come
Feb 10, 2018, 12:55 pm

Following our request for different ride destinations Robin has suggested Mallorca, to this end he is leading a recce trip with the intention of a Wheelers trip next year.  Also on the trip are Amanda, John and Phil4, if they decide to come back from the sunshine we will have a report on cycling on the island.

The picture is the villa they are staying at.

Slip-sliding away
Feb 8, 2018, 10:08 am

I woke up to a rare view of the Cornish countryside covered in a sprinkling of snow. Would any intrepid OGILs venture out on such an icy day? Phil S. called to say that if the roads cleared, we would meet at Halvasso Crossing at 10:30 instead of at 9:10. Dean answered by text in three words: “I think not!”, which I interpreted to mean “maybe”. At 10:00 Phil called again to say he would give it a miss. Not wanting to forego my cooked breakfast and certain that the snow would melt in a few minutes, I set out. I should have heeded my wife’s warning when she asked me for the number of the insurance company as I was leaving.

 At the intersection of No Man’s Land and the main road, an oil truck was blocked by a car that had been abandoned by the side of the road. I obligingly folded in the car’s mirror and guided the truck through with just a fraction of an inch to spare. Along the main road I saw two or three other cars that had been abandoned.

 It wasn’t until I reached the Argal Crossing that things really got dodgy, with whole sections of the road covered in sheets of ice. I pressed on anyway, just to see who else was daft enough to turn up. The answer was NO ONE! As I was waiting at Halvasso Crossing (see photo), a Cornwall County Highway van stopped, took pity on me and offered me a lift back. So with my bike safely stowed on top of a pile of rubber road safety cones, I hitched a ride back to Argal Crossing and then took the main road home, which by then was clear.

 It was unanimously decided by all present that I would write the trip report. 8.4 miles for me, including the ride in the van.


“Westward (hi) Ho”. 4 Feb long ride report
Feb 5, 2018, 2:25 pm

Marizion was on the club calendar so we had no destination to discus or think about on leaving HQ. (although they still left late. Assistant Ed).

The team consisted of Amanda, Ian, Phil 4, Robin, Danny, Fred, Devon Jim, newbie Sam, Ben and Phil 1.

A straight forward route was to taken out through Porklellis, Nancegollan, and Godolphin Cross, where we all took the correct direction. It was a good ride down with the wind behind us and on reaching Marizion the sun came out.

The cafe chosen was the Chapel Rock which some of us haven’t visited before. It was warm and gave us a good view of the bay from upstairs. Amanda gave us the usual critique of the coffee, too hot, instant, too wet, poor aroma, etc. but the food was good, well mine was. We left to take a regular route home, but this time into the cold wind. Ben was our first loss as he wanted to go just a bit further. Off across to St Erth, Hayle, and Connor Downs. Fred wasn’t pullin’ very well after suffering the excesses of the night before and on reaching Praze-An-Beeble decided to take a slightly easier way home, hope you made it Fred. The rest of us carried on up to Black Rock where there was a change of plan as there was plenty of time before the start of the Rugby. Instead of Porkellis the pub at Four Lanes was selected by Robin. Here we left Robin, Phil 4 and Ian. The rest of us carried on home via Stithians.

Home with very cold feet and 54 miles done.

Phil 1

Hey Ho, Hey Ho, it’s off to work we go.
Feb 1, 2018, 2:00 pm

It may have been dry January for some, certainly not the OGIL.  I was debating whether to go out as the forecast was not good but had improved.  I was sent a link for the weather in Dubai which said Sunny, Breezy and Pleasant.  I think it was talking about the participants of the OGIL and not our weather.

Dean, Raymond ,Phil 1, Amanda and I met at Union Corner. Fred, Phil 3,Simon, Keith and Mike were at the other place.  I needed to be at work sometime later and Amanda needed to be home by 1 for work.  I thought that we could head in the direction of Penrose Water Gardens but it was a good job that we didn’t as they are closed for a Refurb at the moment.  One to go back to next month maybe and see what they have done.  We decided on Porthleven and headed off on the usual route.  Everybody knows where that is, except me apparently.  Somewhere just before Godolphin Cross the rain started and I stopped to put my coat on.  Phil and Simon had waited for me, though when we reached the pub at the Crossroads with no one else in sight we took a left turn to head in the Helston direction.  Simon had suggested that we carry on and enter Porthleven from the Rinsey direction which is the usual route I now learn. We went the other way.  Anyway we had a nice ride through Breage and arrived just a minute or two before the others who had gone via Rinsey, perfect timing!

We um’d and ah’d about where we were going for coffee and Nauti but Ice won the vote, though I do like the Hideaway especially for their prices, Bacon Bap and a decent cup of coffee for less than a fiver.  No knitting group today which gave us plenty of tables to choose from.  We talked about the route or my lack of knowledge of it and lots of other things non political.  Amanda left early to ensure she was back by 1.  Sadly Mike’s fry up that he ordered never arrived and he had to go off to find something to sustain him for the ride home.

Back through Penrose estate where I met some friends and a potential new OGILer who has just moved to Falmouth and Fred greeted a couple that he knew.  Must have been the day for going to Helston.  Fred, I and a couple of others braved Muddy Lane which I feel needs to be re- named to ‘just a bit muddy with a few big puddles’ Lane.

Back at Crane Garage Keith and I went first, Keith left at Longdowns and me to Penryn Station via Mabe hill which is where I found out that I had virtually lost my brakes.  It was a very slow slide down to Asda.  The train was just pulling into the station when I arrived and I was at work by 2.

A hard ride in the wind and rain which felt longer than the 39 miles that it was but as they say, You never regret etc. etc.



Ride Report Sunday 28th Jan
Jan 29, 2018, 11:39 am

For some unexplainable reason I was first to arise at H.Q. but was soon joined by (hopefully fully paid up members of the Falmouth Wheelers Plug over)

Any way the usual chit chat broke out with no particular place to go Perranporth was eventually suggested then Dean arrived we are off to Chiverton Cross to join a we want a foot bridge protest Aldermaston has nothing on this I thought 100 years since certain selected ladies were allowed to vote Trelawney move over here we come. So with fire in our veins we set of on Route 66 - riding along on our pedalmobiles we would have sung go go johnny go but we didn’t have a John with or a carol to steal our hearts a way so we just cycled to Chiverton cross where a very light hearted protest was held, least I think it was? someone said that’s it was over so it must have been. No chaining to fences no Bra’s burnt no hunger strikes! protests just aren’t fun anymore, we were joined here by Martin and Margaret on solo kids bikes (small wheels) it was nice to see Martin back on a bike complete with heart monitor pills resuscitation machine ventilator all dually carried by Margaret (softly softly Martin please) so after all the excitement or lack of it we all needed a cup of coffee or something so it was off to the Green Parrott in Perranporth (this parrot is deceased I here you say) A rather lengthy coffee stop was enjoyed where upon we discussed several items (none of which had anything to do with cycling) things like world banking, vegans, vegetarians, nuclear physics, is cheese good for you and where have all the steaks gone, long time passing.

We returned the usual route details of which I will not bore you with. For one moment it was almost Here comes the Sun but not to be for long. We tried grey skies are going to clear up put on a happy face but it didn’t work. Our numbers varied during the ride we started with 17 then it was 15 then it was 16 and on the return we started with 16 then 14 then 10 then 8 then 7 then 8 then 7 then 6 then 5 back to Falmouth.

All were accounted for and a pleasant ride on a typical Cornish day 4 seasons in 1

The cast were Amanda, Danny, Ian, Dean, N.Z Dave, Robin, Phil 1, Phil 4, Silvia, Trevor, Raymond, Ben, Victor, Mike 1, Martin, Beverly and Myself. Martin and Beverly left us at Treverva to do their own ride. Martin and Margaret joined us at Chiverton and Silvia made her own way home.

50 miles for me


Knit one pearl three.
Jan 24, 2018, 10:23 pm

It was not forecast to be a fine day, but I decided to brave the elements. With ’you must be mad’ ringing in my ears I left for Union Corner where at least one other mad OGIL, Kiwi Dave, was waiting.

On to the other place where only one more OGIL was found, Mawnan Mike. In 3 weeks attendance has gone from 14 to 7 and now 3! At least with only three of us it didn’t take long to decide on where we were going, or was it the weather which prompted us not to go far? Porthleven by the shortest route was chosen. So out to Gweek, up Chapel Hill, round to Pemboa, boating lake, through Penrose and down to Porthleven. Chosen cafe was the Nauti.

Orders were given and we settled down only to be drowned out by the local knitting circle. Mike having to turn down his hearing aid. The knitters were having a good yarn, but our conversation stated off a bit woolly. Mike settled for getting the needle into Trump, literally, I think, whilst Dave and I pulled the wool over his eyes after much ribbing.  The food arrived, Dave with scrambled egg with toast (not on toast) and greenery, Mike with the full English and I with my meagre toasted teacake.  No one opted for a second coffee. Eventually it was time to cast off and leave sheepishly as we had run out of pearls of wisdom.

It was up the hill with the wind behind us, which was lucky for Mike as he needed all the help he could get after the full English! Across to Sithney , Truthall Halt, Wendon School and the usual way home. By this time the weather was starting to improve making the ride all the more worthwhile.

34 miles on the clock.


It’s what Sundays are for.
Jan 21, 2018, 5:41 pm

It was the day after Piers Morgan stole Amanda’s bike.* It was also mild but damp, and no reason why only 6 Wheelers turned up for the 9 o’clock ride today. Sylvia announced that she had a job list as long as her locks and so would be content with a hours ride, whilst the rest of us considered a route that would get us to Chiverton Cross for the demonstration about lack of cycle transit through the proposed A30 interchange. There would be an 11am photocall. Robin had made his suggestions and we were on the way before I “just checked to see if I had the right date”. I did have the right date, but this was not it. It is next week. A revised route was agreed, to take us to Portreath via Bissoe. Phil3 and myself did our best to bring Robin, Trevor and Amanda down to OGIL speed, by tactically lagging behind a bit and also to keep Robin on the flatter route, avoiding Rose Hill at Porthtowan.

The Atlantic café was busy, very busy; a larger group would have not found tables; but the service remained good and Robin was only half way through his entertaining and incredibly interesting theory and practice of woodburner operation, when our orders arrived. Conversation moved on to laptops and tablets, the usefulness of maps, and even mention was made of whom the next Club Chairman might be.

We had avoided Porthtowan Hill but could not avoid Portreath hill, turning left at the top and making our way back across to Pool and Piece, where we turned right to take us up into Four Lanes, then across to Stithians. The lure of the Seven Stars tugged at Robin and Amanda, and finally Trevor, leaving Phil3 and myself to make our way back through the Halvasso floods alone. 38 miles for me. Dean

* In the interest of avoiding being sued I would like to point out that like many of the things I write about in these reports this may not have actually happened in the way that it appears here. But he still looks like a "twat".

No events scheduled today.

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