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Club Ride Reports - Archive 3

Sunday 23rd December
Pre-Christmas Ride
Being the Sunday before Christmas I thought it would be a good idea to have my eldest daughter Emma and her fiance Damien to come along as they were in Cornwall for Christmas.   It was with this in mind that we met up with Red Leader & Karen on tandem with KK, Micky, Drew, Bernie & Laura   at the usual place at 10.00am.  


We were informed that the rest of the group had set off at 9.00am with the intention of meeting up at 12.00 at the Star Inn, Porkellis.   In order to make the route take us the allotted two hours we decided to go round Pendennis Point along the sea front up past the Greenlawns Hotel and then out through Halvasso, Carnkie and Porkellis arriving finally at the Star Inn.


Almost immediately my future Son in Law had a bit of an incident on Union Corner nearly coming off the bike (my mountain bike I hasten to add) and then to top it all at the roundabout at Falmouth Docks he came completely off hurting his shoulder (the bike was OK though).


As he lives in London with my daughter and they are used to cycling to work through the streets of London (I feel a song coming on here) where it is generally flat he put it down to not being used to the bike with front suspension or the Cornish terrain.   He had had an incident some months before where he came off   his bike with a resultant punctured lung, broken ribs and dislocated shoulder and a four days stay in the local hospital so we thought it best for him return to Park Crescent cutting short the Wheelers experience.   Of course my dutiful daughter abandoned her Dad and also went home.   The things some people will do to get out of a bike ride.   Never mind they are still around for the Boxing Day ride.   We shall see!!


I did a bike ride with Damien some months ago in London which was a bit different.   My wife and Emma were doing some shopping looking at Wedding Dresses so we went for a ride around London taking in all the usual tourist sites e.g. Trafalgar Square,   Buckingham Palace, Westminster, Fulham Football Ground (they were playing Derby so the crowds were not great), Chelsea Football Ground and The Thames to name but a few.   Dodging Black Cabs, speeding motorists, motor cyclists and buses was quite an experience and quite different to the usual Cornwall Topography.   It was quite easy to maintain a good speed just to keep with the flow of the traffic.

Back to our ride.   After the panic had subsided off we set and I decided to bring up the rear of the pack. (another song but that was The Leader of the Pack).   All went without any further incident other than meeting two cars in the lanes before Carnkie travelling at some outlandish speed heading straight for Drew on a blind corner (Don't look back in Anger).


We arrived at The Star Inn just a few minutes before the allotted time and being a group of cyclists waiting for the pub to open did not look great but Hey Ho (Silver Lining) (It's Christmas Time). The rest of the Party dutifully turned up just after 12.00 noon (including Brian and Susan who drove to the pub) but there were far too many for me to remember all names but you know who you are.   All of the bikes were propped up against each other outside the pub (Bicycle, Bicycle) as we all abandoned them to warm ourselves bar-side in front of the log fire (Chestnuts roasting over the open fire)


After a good hour of festive jolliness including the consumption of several pints of ale and some roasted potatoes (the best yet I am told) not by me I add,   the group gradually made their way home (Downhill all the way!)


A good pre-Christmas ride (except for the couple of mishaps) but a good time enjoyed by all.   I don't know how many miles we did   (I must get a new computer for my bike but then maybe Father Christmas will remember me).   Merry Christmas (Everyone) I'm dreaming of a White Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.   So how many songs was that?


Roger (Rocky) 24 December 2007

10.00 ride 6th January - by Catalogue man

A total of twelve cyclists met at the Packet Office for this ride. KK nominated me as leader and I was just about to explain the route when Admiral arrived, he greeted me with a New Year's kiss on the lips !  The newer members of the group looked quite shocked, not being aware that Admiral and I were " bilingual " 

After explaining the route and the option of breaking-off at any point we set off. As we made our way towards Budock Church, a new lady cyclist called Carol, explained to Admiral that she would "go all the way" ( She obviously was not aware that Admiral was a happily married man )

Our route took us through Budock and out towards Argal Dam via "no mans land " We turned left after Lamanva  and continued to High Cross. Here we climbed a small hill that eventually took us into Mawnan Smith. The offer of a coffee break at Trebah Gardens for those who wished to shorten the ride was refused. All riders had kept to a good pace and cycling conditions were almost perfect.

We set off towards Maenporth  on the return route to the Packet Offices. All riders keeping to the pace as we climbed the hill up towards the pitch and putt. We passed the Offices ( where the option to shorten the ride was mentioned at the start ) as a full compliment and made our way to Hill Head to enter Penryn. Crossing the main road into Falmouth, we took the cycle route to Ponsharden and then North Parade into the town. We had agreed at Mawnan Smith that our coffee break would be at the Water Sports Centre. As we parked our cycles out side the Centre, Nick and Christine arrived on their tandem.

Therefore, fourteen wheelers entered the building and looked forward to some refreshment. We all served in a very short time. Whilst having my coffee, I reflected on the group and thought, this is the main aim of the Wheelers, people getting some exercise in enjoyable company.

After approximately 25 minutes we continued the ride. This took us around Castle Point and along the sea front. As we rounded the point Gill invited KK to her house and stated that Steve would not be home for another hour. ( I am sure it was perfectly innocent ) If it was not, I will let you know which hospital KK is in, after Steve reads this !!

Various riders peeled-off as we went along the sea front. I left the main group as they turned to go back to the Packet Offices via the fire station.

A very enjoyable morning and a "well done" to the ladies who kept to a good pace over approximately 20 miles.   Riders. Admiral, KK, Denise, Gill, Keith&Chris , Carol ( who did go all the way) Malcolm, Noleen, Keith, and Terry.

CLUB RIDE JAN. 6th.                                                                                                                            
Report by Red Leader.                                                                                                                                                   
Porthleven, Soup and Condoms.                                                                                                                                                                 
An  excellent turnout of fourteen riders assembled at HQ. After a short debate in which Drew suggested Roskillys Pop Gunners casting vote had us off to Porthleven.    
Taking the usual route, stopping only to mend Phil's puncture we were soon at Penmarth. Here a discussion took place, chaired by Lance, concerning the Thunderbirds TV series and condoms. As I keep telling you it is so much more than a bike ride. From here over Black Rock where Pop showed off his Pathfinder qualities. Taking the road to Crowan we then turned off to follow a lovely cut through. Here we experienced our first altercation with a tractor and some considerable debris left on the road.  
Onwards and onwards to Godolphin Cross, only interrupted by the delay to mend Nigel's puncture. These .Helston boys are going to have to invest in some Armadillos. Around Bal West to Rinsey to follow one of the best roads in the  County to Porthleven.    A most pleasant  cafe stop was taken here where bowls of hot soup and other carbo filled snacks were consumed. Then after taking the easy way out it was onto Helston and through the town, taking care not to jump the lights.  At the Gwealdues roundabout we followed the cycle way to Poldark Mine. This took us into Porkellis where discipline was broken and the gang of five couldn't resist The Star Inn for a swift beer and a couple of roasties. From here it was full steam up Carnkie Hill and home.     
Well done to everyone who made the effort, almost 45miles covered, lucky we are only riding once a week this time of the year will take me all week to clean the bike.  
Riders present you know who you are.                                   
The gang of five, if you want to know come along and find out.

Catalogue Man's Dream
By Catalogue man
On arriving at the Packet Offices at 09.55 hours, no wheelers were to be seen. I was just about to set â€"off on my own,  when six riders appeared. They were staying at the Budock Vean hotel and had read one of our news letters. The three couples introduced themselves and were,  Brad & Angelina, David & Victoria and Peter & Katie.

I explained the route and the approximate distance of 20 miles and they were happy to give it a go.

We passed through Budock and made our way to Treverva via "no mans land ". I made conversation with Peter & Katie, apparently he used to be a singer. I informed him Treverva Male Voice Choir were always looking out for new members, if he thought he was up to that sort of standard. Katie seemed to be wearing some sort of inflatable air-bags under her cycling top. I wondered if it was some sort of new safety device but did not like to ask. She informed me she was into modelling. I told her about the Swanpool Model Boat Club and was sure they would like to see some of her work. She stated she gets  correspondence from a Don Gunner who lives in Falmouth. His letters state how much he would like to get his hands on her "¦"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦.work. ( Could this be our Don ? )

After  Highcross garage we make for Mawnan Smith. I engage David & Victoria in conversation. They now live in Los Angeles after a short spell in Spain. David was looking pretty fit and I asked him if he did any other sports. He said he plays football. I asked him if he knew Keith Kellow ,once  goalkeeper for Mawnan Smith. He said he had heard of him but they had never played in the same team. We passed the football ground ( I could see David was impressed ) and headed for Maenporth. Victoria was struggling to keep up, so we slowed the pace. Apparently Victoria was also a singer and had just started to get back into singing on a regular basis. I informed her Mabe Ladies Choir have quite a reputation locally and there might be an opportunity for her to join.

Passing the Packet Offices , I had the opportunity to speak to Brad & Angelina, who also lived in Los Angeles. They informed me they were both actors but I did not recognise them. Perhaps they had some small part as extras in one film. He probably parks cars and she works as a waitress.

We cycled through town and stopped at the Water Sports Centre for a coffee. I bought David & Victoria's coffee as they seemed a bit strapped for cash.

As we cycled along the sea front, David asked if there were any tickets left for the dinner dance they had read about in the news letter. I informed him alas no, as the waiting list for non-members is considerable and did he realise the tickets were £ 20 each !

We said our goodbyes at the Packet Office and as I cycled home on my own, I wondered if they had realised, they had been in the company of the Swanvale Youth Club 1960's " twist " competition winner.


New Members Saturday Ride

Report by Keith

Inspired by the e-mail suggesting a ride on Saturday the 12th would avoid the awful weather forecast for Sunday, we were somewhat puzzled when only the clubs four newest members turned up! Could it be a cunning plot by Red Leader to distract us while he spent our subscriptions on beer? Anyway, undaunted we set off on tour of Budock, Constantine, Port Navas and  Mawnan Smith.

Malcolm "volunteered" to go first on account of his leadership qualities, stunning good looks and the fact that he had a rough idea of the way, although he did manage to find more ‘up' hills than ‘down' hills. Minor mayhem was caused by a bulldog who decided the best way to make friends was to run in front of us. His owner apologised, saying "he's not used to people going so slowly"!

Near Port Navas we extolled the virtues of the club to a cyclist we met, pointing out that some members actually took more interest in the riding than the coffee stops, which reminds me that we had a pleasant stop in Trebah Garden café.

So to summarise, lovely scenery, a lucky break in the weather, 15miles travelled and we were, Malcolm, Noelene, Terry and Keith.

Go west young man...
Riders: Don G, Red Leader, Parky, Hilary, Schalatchi, The Helston Crew, Jono, Drew and Jonathan.
Ride: Stithians>Penmarth>Blackrock>Praze>St Erth>Lelant Downs>St Ives> (Pasty Presto)>Carbis Bay>Lelant>Hayle Causeway> Towans>Connor Downs> Gwinear> Carnell Green>Carmenellis>Troon>Wendron>Halvasso>Home.                            
T otal Mileage approx 58-60 
If after three weeks without saddling up, Don Gunner suggests a trip to St Ives, be afraid be very afraid"¦    It was a fairly good turnout for the Sunday ride with everyone braving the biting cold for a Don Gunner Special è. Roughly 50 yards down the road an emergency stop was called due to Schalatchi's puncture, diagnostics later showed that it was Schalatchi's hard race-derived, riding style, which after 50 yards or riding, had simply ripped the tyre to shreds. After the tyre had been fixed, Schalatchi cheekily reminded us "not to get cold".

The ride headed the usual way to Stithians accompanied by Red Leaders tips, strangely enough the tips did not concern cycling but instead offered a helpful insight into the limitless possibilities of this so called "brand". When reaching Penmarth, (Uncle) Parky and (Auntie) Hilary broke off from the group due to prior arrangements.

A nice ride through to Praze led (Effortlessly) by Don followed through to St Erth and onto St Ives. Upon entering into St Ives, Trevor had already decided what to order for lunch, Chips with Beans for a Carbo load and a king size mars bar for instant energy, "See Drew, you stick with me and you'll be alright" heexplained, a significant amount of doubt was provoked by Trevor's statement but it went unchallenged.

When arriving in St Ives everyone was fairly hungry so the first Café the group set eyes on was chosen as the hostelry of choice. In this instance Pasty Presto was preffered and the café offered good service with most people opting for pasties or in Schalatchi's case a large bowl of soup, two bread rolls and desert. The outfit did offer some fantastic lettuce sandwiches and baguettes but the one ride that Lance didn't come on"¦ After the food had gone down, Don suggested a ride around the seafront; we set off after a hearty goodbye from Pasty Presto and began our seaside tour. As it turns out the group didn't get much of a warm up before we ended up in the most exposed and windy part of St Ives, as we circled the harbour beach the weather got to much and we decided to make a break towards home. Just as rode through the town we passed many open cafes and restaurants, all of which ironically offered exactly what Trevor had wanted for lunch in the   first place!
Whilst coming out if St Ives, many icicles were hanging from the noses of even the most sensibly dressed rider, taking the long way home started to take it out of many of the riders apart from Don who didn't look like the whole ride fazed him at all. After passing through the quaint little village of Troon and reaching Crane garage, Dad and Red Leader began the excuses for not keeping up with the almighty Don, Trevor had the best excuse - "I had a run-in with Betty Stoggs"¦ Betty won!" whereas Dad couldn't think up a good enough excuse and just continued to complain all the way back to Mylor. Upon reaching crane garage the Falmouth and Mylor crew broke off and headed for home whilst the rest of the wheelers went their separate ways.

All in all a fun, but brisk ride and my first 50 miler.

Report written by Drew

All in all a fun, but brisk ride and my first 50 miler.


Wheelers on Radio Cornwall
Well done Jonathon on getting us mentioned on Radio Cornwall.   For those of you who didn't hear David White has been challenged to cycle around Cornwall's coast, so Jonathon e-mailed him and invited him along for training rides with the Wheelers.   The Wheelers were mentioned on the morning show and David said he would be along when he has had some more training.   Of course Jonathon has a thing about radio presenters having pushed Duncan Warren around in a sand yacht last summer, perhaps he'll push David White around on his bike.

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