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We could easily witter on and on  about the benefits of good  nutrition and the importance that highly-tuned cyclists give to eating healthy food, or we could list our favourite cake and breakfast stops and why we enjoy visiting them. So, in the culinary tradition of the Falmouth Wheelers, here they are laid before you, for you to feast upon. Agree or disagree? Or maybe you know of some other worthy establishments?  email us, your thoughts : news@falmouthwheelers.co.uk
Red Leader is rightly concerned that these long time cherished Falmouth Wheelers' cake stops will become chocker with coach trippers and general non-cycling riff-raff so please don't pass this information on - unless it's to other cyclists of course.

Auntie Gill's
(actually called 'The Handy Shop')


Location:  In the village of Sithney, near the church, west of Helston.
MultiMap:  click here   
www:  (Er, I don't think so. It just wouldn't seem right.)             
Plus Points:  Huge, monster slices of delicious, low priced homemade cake.    
Minus Points:  No bacon butties - if that's what you're after.
Signature dish: Carrot cake. Lemon sponge. Cornish scones. No, ignore that -
everything is equally wonderful.
In summary:  As perfect a tea room as you'll ever find with delightful and
entertaining hosts 'auntie' Gill and Trevor. There is also a bit of a garden,
with a large model railway no less, and they love cyclists (Auntie Gill's 'boys').
When it comes to tea and cake, this is the Falmouth Wheelers' spiritual home.
Please note: The 'rubenesque' lady on the bicycle is a satisfied customer - not auntie Gill!


Camelot Restaurant


Location:  Near the zebra crossing, Mitchell's Corner, Perranporth.        
MultiMap:  click here         
www: No website that we know of.             
 Plus Points:  Good cheap food, from cakes to roast lunch.  
Minus Points:  Holiday makers have the presumption to think that they should be able to use the place during the summer as well as us cyclists.  
 Signature dish:  We reckon it's the £3.99 'all day breakfast' (including cup of tea.)
In summary:  Fast, friendly service and everything is underpriced -
but please don't tell the nice owner.  Just leave a nice big tip.


Location: In the middle of nowhere, near St Kevern, down on the Lizard.
MultiMap:    click here      
www:   www.roskillys.co.uk                
Plus Points:  Food good and varied, some quite sophisticated. Very good outside seating area.  Cheeky, friendly staff. Old tractors are available to play on, which, embarrassingly, 
has proved to be popular with some of the older Falmouth Wheelers.
Minus Points:  Sometimes it's heaving with coach trip holiday makers in the summer.  
Signature dish: Homemade soup, giant prawn baguettes (and fancy salads if you're that way inclined). And of course Roskilly's ice cream. And they do baked beans on toast too.
In summary:  Can be a tad expensive but it's a firm favourite with the Falmouth Wheelers. It's a very good stop for cyclists with plenty of space and seating.
Bissoe Bike Hire Cafe
Location: Bissoe Valley, near the village of Devoran, near Truro.
MultiMap:  click here
www:  www.cornwallcyclehire.com               
Plus Points: Off the road next to an excellent off-road cycle track. Seats outside as well as inside. Built for cyclists! A vast menu. 
Minus Points:  Very slippery trays.
Signature dish: E xcellent bacon rolls (could be the best in Cornwall?)coffee, soup and toasted teacakes.
In summary: Friendly service, a good location and with nearly every customer a cyclist, 
you've got to patronise it!


The Station House 
Location:  Long Rock beach car park, by the railway bridge, west of Marazion.         
StreetMap: click here    
www:   I really don't think so.               
Plus Points:  Superb and varied baguettes. Good coffee. Near the beach.   
Minus Points:  No indoor seating. And again, flippin' holiday makers think they can just come down here and use our cafes willy-nilly in the summer, causing us cyclists to queue. 
Signature dish: Egg and bacon wholemeal bread baguette.
In summary: A Falmouth Wheelers' regular fuelling post and a favourite with motorcyclists as well. Just make sure that when your order is shouted out that someone else doesn't grab it and eat it before you can. Heh, Jonathan? 
The Grange Fruit Farm
Location:  Climb out of Gweek southwards and it's at the top of the hill on the right.
GoogleMap:  click here    
www: www.thegrangecornwall.com              
Plus Points:   Wide range of good food. Plenty of space indoors and out.    
Minus Points:   Other customers. (It's popular.) 
Signature dish: Proper meals like roast lunches and fruit based things like strawberries and cream. Cake is good too.


In summary: A long time favourite with the Falmouth Wheelers. There's something for everyone plus superb inside and outside seating plus a very big car park, so you could start a ride from here too.     
Trebah Gardens 
Location:  Just along from Mawnan Smith towards the Budock Vean Hotel.
MultiMap:   Click here 
www:  www.trebah-garden.co.uk                  
Plus Points:  Great location. Nice building.    
Minus Points:  Service sometimes a bit slow due to people who've come to tour the garden and then have the audacity to order tea, cakes and meals, thereby holding up us cyclists, yet again.
Signature dish: Cream tea.
In summary: Popular spot with the Falmouth Wheelers 10 o'clockers. Plenty of space.
The Jam Pot
Location: Over looking the sea and nestling amongst sand dunes at Gwithian Towans
MultiMap: click here
Plus Points: Good breakfasts, superb location, good service.
Minus points: It must be the smallest cafe in the UK so if it's a dodgy weather day then there's only room for a few people indoors.
Signature dish: Full English
In summary: A wonderful location and quite unique. Look at this Starbucks, Little Chef and CostaLot Coffee and weep.
Wave Crest Cafe
Location: Literally on the edge of the cliff at Lizard Point.
MultiMap: click here
www: None found.
Plus Points: Great location. Good size portions. Good coffee.
Minus points: Very busy in summer. Quite pricey. Limited menu.
Signature dish: Superb homemade soup and huge chunks of wholemeal bread.
In summary: There's not many views as good as this but it gets very busy in the summer. Good cake as well as savouries.


Cornish Camels
Location: Somewhere in the middle of nowhere on the Lizard.
MultiMap: click here 
Plus Points: Lots of room, good organic food and coffee. And camels to look at.
Minus points: Bit pricey. Not very, just a bit.
Signature dish: Excellent homemade cake.
In summary: Very friendly staff and a bit different from your average cafe.
Millensy Mill
Location: Somewhere in the middle of nowhere on the Roseland.
GoogleMap: click here
Plus Points: Amazing setting in a beautiful valley. Sit next to the mill pond.
Minus points: Hills from hell either side of the mill. Tricky after a cream tea or two.
Signature dish: Delicious homemade scones.
In summary: A medievel mill, now a great cafe, located in one of the most picturesque areas of Cornwall.
Len's Cafe
Location: Under the seafront car park Portreath. (Okay, so it's not the Ritz.)
Multimap: click here
www: What on earth would be the point?
Plus points: Only the biggest and best egg and bacon baps in the whole of Christendom!
Minus points: No indoors and not exactly a 'stylish' culinary destination.
Signature dish: Egg and bacon roll, funnily enough.
In summary: Whilst Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver won't be worrying, if all you want is a proper mug of tea and some fine greasy spoon breakfast whilst soaking up the rays and overlooking a big surfing beach for under a fiver, this is the place for you.
Stithians Reservoir Watersports Centre Cafe
Location: Middle of Cornwall, next to Stithians Reservoir (what a surprise).
Multimap: click here
Plus points: Nice location over looking the reservoir. Good indoors and outdoors seating.
Minus points: Pretty windy sometimes. Expensive. Queuing with soggy windsurfers.
Signature dish: Proper homemade cake.
In summary: Well away from the road. Friendly. Good coffee. The cafe lacks the character of other Wheelers' favourites but it is only a couple of years old. Favoured by our Sunday 10 o'clockers. 


Choak's Pasties
Location: 30 Killigrew Street, Falmouth
Multimap: click here
www:  Lord no.
Plus points: Pasties. Pasties. Pasties.
Minus points: 1. They're not availaible in every town, village, shopping mall, train station and pub throughout the world. 2. Choak's is not open 24/7 3. Nonsensical variations (veggie, chicken) are beginning to take up valuable oven space.
Signature dish: Would you believe it? It's pasties.
In summary: As anyone who has ever had the unadulterated pleasure of experiencing a 'Choak's' knows, they have to be the best pasties in the world. The pastry is always perfect, the filling consistant and the sizes on offer are just right. A 'large' will keep a working man going all day, a 'medium' is a good size for the ladies and if you're on one of those fancy health diets you can buy a 'small'. Also, the 'cocktails' are great for party nibbles or children. There is an 'extra large' but I've only seen that attempted once - by a callow youth showing off to a bunch of maids on Prince of Wales pier. He ended up looking a fool.
True, there are a few other good pasty makers about but they can't make a pasty that comes close to the culinary genius, the gastronomical gorgeousness that is a Choak's pasty. (You may deduce from this restrained report that they are quite popular with the Falmouth Wheelers.)
Horse & Jockey Bakery (Pasties)
Location: 41 Meneage Street, Helston and 1 Jerboa Cottages, Porthleven
Multimaps: click here & click here
Plus points: ( This bakery has had several recommendations and the website is awaiting a first hand report.)
Minus points:
Signature dish:
In summary:
Patisserie Martin
Location: 24 Place de Otages, Morlaix, France
Googlemap: Click here
www. Que? Non.
Plus points: Exquisite, perfect cakes, pastries, truffles and mousses of various sizes, good coffee (and tea) as well as charming service.
Minus points: Just one small thing. You'll have to catch a ferry across the English Channel to get there.
Signature dish: Everything is gorgeous.
In summary: The Falmouth Wheelers' very own French 'Auntie Gill's' (see above). There must be a better patisserie, but you could spend a lifetime looking for it. 
Porthminster Beach Cafe
Location: Porthminster Beach, St Ives.
Multimap: click here
www. No.
Plus points: Good food with sandwiches made to order. Very, very cheap!
Minus points:  Hoards of beach-goers in the summer. (Mind you, the view can be nice on a hot sunny day.)
Signature dish: Probably the baguettes but the pasties are good too.
In summary: A big menu, good quality food and drink and low prices make this a 'must visit' for the wheelers when visiting the north coast.


Harbourside Diner 
Location: Portreath
Multimap: click here
www. No.
Plus points: Good food, nice coffee and hot chocolate at reasonable prices.
Minus points:  You have to fight your way past non-wheelers because it's so popular.
Signature dish: Cookies and chicken wraps.
In summary: An American style-diner with friendly staff some of which "like a good laugh", a relaxed atmosphere, outside tables and even bike racks make this a great cyclists' stop. So that's 2 good stops in Portreath now.
Little Pengelly Farm 
Location: Trenwheal, off the B3302 from Helston to Hayle. (Best look at the multimap link below.)
Multimap: click here  Note: This isn't 100% accurate but it's within 100m.
Plus points: Lovely setting and friendly service.
Minus points:  Possible to scoot past. Keep your eyes open!
Signature dish: Flapjacks. But we haven't tried everything yet.
In summary: A charming stop. And they are friends of cyclists.
Location: Porthtowan
Multimap: click here
www. No.
Plus points: Avalon impressed Red Leader and KK whilst they were on their Kernow Tour.
Minus points:  I'm guessing it'll be a tad busy in the height of summer. If we ever get another summer that is...
Signature dish: To be updated soon - but knowing Red Leader they probably do nice beans on toast.
In summary: If KK and Red Leader liked it it's good enough for me. Those guys know a thing or two about cafes.


Hell's Mouth Cafe
Location: Hell's Mouth (can you believe it?)
Multimap: click here
www. No.
Plus points: Good spot for cyclists on a north coast cliff run. Reasonably priced. Good range of grub (including booze). Very good coffee.
Minus points:  Coach loads of wrinklys in the summer. Well, it is Cornwall I suppose. Closed in the depths of winter -  so best ring and check they're open on 01209 718419.
Signature dish: Yep, it's a bacon butty again. On excellent granary bread. But the flapjack is good too. We've yet to work our way through the entire menu...
In summary: Pleasant service with lots of indoor and outdoor tables set off the road. There's nowt wrong with anything.
The Waymarker
Location: On the way to Brill (see their website below)
Plus points: Anything from a snack up to a roast available. Sandwiches come with knives and forks. Short ride from Falmouth.
Minus points: It's uphill when you get back on the bike.
Signature dish: (Still reseraching this.)
In summary: Good things have been heard about this place and it looks like it's going to be a F wheelers' regular stop.
Bedruthan Steps Cafe
Location: Bedruthan Steps!
No website but ink to info here
Plus points: Good value, nice food and excellent service and of course, good views. Plenty of seating in and outdoors. Stacks of room for bicycles and they welcome cyclists. (Dan Dare got a free meal for taking the wheelers there but that doesn't influence the recommendation.)  

Stepping Stones Cafe & Bistro
Location:  a few doors from the 'Camelot' in Perranporth
Tel: 01872 573029
Plus Points:  excellent choice of excellent breakfasts
Minus Points:  none to be aware of
Signature Dish:  the Cornish Breakfast
In Summary:  One to visit again - good food, reasonable with friendly service.




Taste Buds
Location: Mevagissey, in the village centre
Tel: 01726 844347
Plus points: Very nice food with fast friendly service and easily visible bicycle parking opposite.
Minus points: None.
Signature dish: Simon recommends the flapjacks - he's right, the best in the world!
In summary: Ideal cafe for the Wheelers and no hesitation in recommeding for future visits. Could be busy in the summer, so advisable to phone ahead.
The Cabin Beach Cafe
Location: Perranuthnoe
Tel: 01736 711733
Plus points: Location. Location. Location.
Minus points: None reported. None experienced. But doesn't ' Beach Cabin Cafe' sound better?
Signature dish: Bacon baps are good. Haven't tried everything else. Yet.
Polcrowjy Tea Room
Location: Coombe (out Tehidy way)
Tel: 07973 358165
Plus points: Great cream teas, cakes, bacon sarnies, breakfasts. Nice location. Nice people.
Minus points: None reported.
Signature dish: Probably cream tea if pushed to have a signature dish.

If you want to beg, borrow or steal any articles or our pictures (as if) we will take it as a compliment. No, really, we will.

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