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Cycle and Road Safety

"The Truro River Loops Cycling Workshop was held last Wednesday. Those present included Chris Opie, fresh from his victory in the Perfs' Pedal race at the weekend, and Dave Potter, who is promoting the idea of having a stage of the Tour of Britain in Cornwall in 2020.  Also represented were Truro Cycling Club, Sarah Wetherill from the Truro Cycling Campaign and Simon Murray from Sustrans.

        This was organised by the Truro River Working Group, a community interest company currently bidding for funds to commission a feasability study into some "transformative" walking and cycling routes around Truro.  There is a huge potential to make the Truro River an important amenity for the public.  One of the key elements is "connectivity" in the wider area, eg. where the "Truro Loops" could connect to a Truro to Falmouth cycleway.  Part of the proposal is to connect the two sides of the river by one if not two bridges for cyclists and pedestrians only, one from Newham across to Boscawen Park, and one by Tescos. Boscawen Park has proposals for a new sports centre and the Rhoda Mary project is planned for the opposite side. 
        The group has bid for  £50,000 for this feasability study.  The decision is expected in a month's time.  The group are collecting views and data from all prospective users of the river amenity so that the professional experts can be properly briefed.  From the cycling point of view it was felt that the transport/commuting aspect with the expected potential growth in electric bikes was a priority emphasis, followed by the recreational, family and leisure aspects.  The importance of looking at the neighbouring communities to Truro and how those cycling links could be improved as part of this project was felt to be especially important and an integral part of the amenity.  It was nice to have links out to Feock and Devoran but without a solution to "suicide alley" Falmouth was potentially cut off.  The economic, health and other benefits will be part of the proposal.
         If the bid is unsuccessful a study should still be possible.  Interested companies may be persuaded to offer services for free if they see the potential ahead in the future for their services.  It was said that the CE of Cornwall Council is "sympathetic".
Simon and Kath attended this meeting and are attending the following meeting.
Truro Cycling Campaign meeting - Sarah Wetherill sent us the following;
Our meeting will start at 6pm on Wednesday 22nd and will be held in the committee room of the Municipal Buildings in Boscawen Street, Truro.  The entrance is next to the Tourist Information Centre.  The committee room is on the first floor - go through the entrance foyer and up the long flight of steps.  There will be tea, coffee and biscuits on arrival! I appreciate that some of you will not be able to make it until later, please join us as and when you can.

I have put together this rough idea for an agenda for your comment. If there is anything else that you think should be included please let me know.

1.     Introductions.

For everyone to say a bit about their previous experience, or any ongoing campaigns they are involved in. Any areas of interest they have or specific routes they are concerned with.  Any expertise they may be able to bring to a campaign.( What sort of level of involvement and commitment they are able to offer at this or any stage, however large or small.)


2.     What our Campaign will look like and how to get there.

Eg. How ambitious should we be?  What elements should it include?

It might be safe to say that it will include a ‘tube map’ identifying how safe or unsafe various roads are and certain key routes for improvement.

But what else?  If everyone can have a little think about this and perhaps look at some existing campaigns, eg. from Fal Cycling Campaign through the Plymouth, Exeter and Derby campaigns to the most developed and large scale ones like Cambridge!

As a stalking horse idea John has listed the things a very ambitious campaign for Truro might include and the steps or road plan towards realising them. Please see attached. It might be a case of lowering our sights a bit from this! We also just need to bottom the issue of whether we are purely focusing on cycling or whether we want to include some reference to walking, ie 'active travel'.


3.     The next steps

·        Mapping exercise – agreeing an approach –tube map/google map in existing Transition Truro report?

·        Data/evidence collection – eg traffic flows, propensity data, any data on journeys from schools, hospital, Truro college etc - how to collate this

·        Choosing target routes



Edgcumbe consultation EDG1151

The proposal has come out of local concern about speeds, accident history and difficulty of crossing the A394, sensible concerns indeed, but the solution proposed takes no account of cyclists as it cuts the running lane to 3 metre width and adds central islands but leaves the 50mph speed limit unchanged. Squeezes like this can be ridden in town with 20 or 30mph limits by “taking the lane” but not with a 50mph limit. Heading towards Falmouth the car parking in the layby means we may need to ride well out to avoid car dooring.

This consultation ends next Thursday 26th of January. Please respond to this one. The link is here:


The letter inviting comments and giving background and justification is here:


And the plan is here:


Martyn Aldis 19th January 2017

The single carriageway A30 north of Truro is more or less untenable for cycling in the summer and all crossing points are a bit difficult while Chiverton Cross roundabout is dire.

Highways England have a proposal to build a new dual carriageway between Carland Cross and Chiverton Cross, keeping the existing A30 intact as a local route. This has the advantage of providing a relatively quiet cycle route east - west on the current A30 as well providing for emergency diversion capacity and a feeder from the villages to the new road. It would make a feasible route for long distance trips such as End to End rides and cycle touring. The proposal is now at public consultation stage with a deadline for public responses of 2 December 2016.

A group of us attended one of the exhibitions and found the team very eager to understand and engage with cyclists’ needs. This also ties in with new national advice that puts much more emphasis on safety and convenience of non-motorised users in the major road network. However, it’s really important that they have evidence of demand so we need to make sure this comes through in the survey results.

The specific cycling points we would like to highlight are these:

  • At the Carland Cross end of the scheme (where the existing dual carriageway restarts), extend the cycle route to Mitchell, close to the line of the old A30 which is now a farm track. This would make a real difference to connection “along the spine” joining up the old A30 from west Cornwall to Bodmin, as well as connecting with the cycle track alongside the road into Truro. This is outside the current proposals but there is some enthusiasm by the project team for including it if they can demonstrate support and expectation of use by cyclists.
  • At the Chiverton Cross end of the scheme there is a case for some specific provision for cyclists and others to cross near the existing Chiverton roundabouts by way of a tunnel or bridge – reconnecting the stub at Starbucks to the old road south of the A30, a link broken when the current dual carriageway was built. This would reopen one of the natural fast routes into Truro for cycle commuters from St Agnes and other villages along the north coast. The on-road route under the current proposal would require a diversion to the new roundabouts east of Chiverton Cross.
  • The current proposal would block off two lanes leaving the current A30 to the south. The one at Maranzanvose is very little used and is probably a lost cause but there is a good chance that the lane east of Zelah to the Allen valley can be kept open. Again we need to ask for it.
  • The old A30 needs to be properly assessed as a cycle route and all junctions including roundabouts designed for cycling. There was a feeling at the cyclists’ consultation that some speed limits will be needed. The narrow sections could be problematic otherwise, as lighter traffic density will allow greater speed.

Details of the scheme are available at


This allows you to access the online survey, with the opportunity to give detailed feedback on various aspects of the scheme (Q.6) and also to highlight issues that affect cycling and cyclists (Q.8).

Martyn Aldis 25th November 2016




The Cornwall Council have released results of the consultation over the planned cycle routes to Swanpool and down through the woods off Bickland water road.

You can see them here https://www.engagespace.co.uk/cornwall/consultation_Dtl.aspx?consult_Id=495&status=1&criteria=I


and here https://www.engagespace.co.uk/cornwall/consultation_Dtl.aspx?consult_Id=498&status=1&criteria=I&DisplayMode=Details

Not only, but also, Cornwall Council is proposing additional signing and parking provisions around the town to improve conditions for cyclists generally in the Falmouth and Penryn area. Including the signing of a route that directs cyclists South to North avoiding the Falmouth Town Centre one way system. You have until 28 August to comment.


Update 11/01/15

“ Robin and I have been invited to attend the next meeting of the Perranwell Parish Council to outline our proposals for the off road combined cycle/footpath from Norway Inn to Carnon Gate”. Dean 
Update 20/11/2014
“With the recent letter published in the West Briton I thought it apt that I update on what we have been doing in relation to the proposed cycle path from Norway Inn to Devoran. 
Steve has produced a plan of the suggested route which we can print off at A3. Between us, Robin and I have made contact with most of the houses along that stretch of the main road to check for ownership of the foreshore. We haven’t discovered any claims to own that land, other than from the properties at either end of the route, the owners of which both support the proposal.
I have sent off a scoping exercise to the Environment Agency to test for adverse objections.
Robin and I have cycled the Exeter to Exmouth cycleway to view the boardwalk constructed at various points. very impressive.
Jim has “volunteered” to walk the route with me to give advice on tree management. There are a lot of trees that are growing lopsided and would, in my view, benefit from some serious pruning.
When I can get my arse into gear, my next task is to put together a presentation to send to the Cornwall Council Transportation Portfolio holder (Councillor), Bert Biscoe, and hopefully get his support.
Though the Cornwall Council are constantly saying there is no money for nothing, funding can be sourced from time to time and we need to be ready to take advantage of that when it happens. Dean”
At Thursday's meeting we discussed the link to Cornwall Council website concerning the proposed new speed limit to 30 mph.
We strongly urge you to vote and support this measure:
A39 Perran Foundry
Consultation is now open on the proposal to reduce the speed limit at Perran Foundry from 40 to 30mph. The article in the West Briton is here http://www.westbriton.co.uk/New-speed-limit-proposed-Truro-Falmouth-road/story-20427050-detail/story.html
In light of the recent accidents along the A39 there is an argument for a reduction to at least 50 mph all the way to Treluswell and to 40mph from Norway Inn to Carnon Gate. Whatever your views, make them known to Cormac, as soon as you can. The link is https://www.engagespace.co.uk/cornwall/consultation_Dtl.aspx?consult_Id=469&status=2&criteria=I
Robin has been asked to speak to the Feock PC on Monday 13 Jan about the cycle/footpath proposal, "The Missing Link”.
Suicide Alley
This month Robin organised a party of potential supporters to walk the route of the proposed Norway Inn to Carnon gate cycle/foot path. Representatives from the Feock PC, The Ramblers, Sustrans, an archaeologist, Mark Cann (the owner of one end of the route) and Tim Bunhill, of the falmouth Cycling campaign walked the route and afterward adjourned for a short meeting and a bite to eat at the Norway. There we were met by a representative of the Perran PC and a local resident who owned a small section of the route. Now called “The missing link” the project received a lot of support. Next stage is to draft the route onto a OS plan and meet with the Environment Agency to discuss the likely environmental obstacles. We also need to identify the land owners for most of the route. One bit of good news was that the section of road in front of the Perran Foundry, now subject to a 40mph limit, will have this reduced to 30mph from Easter.
Bickland Water road
Outline planning application has now been submitted for the 154 houses off Bickland Water Road. You can see the proposals, if you have the patience to plough through the document numbers, by visiting the Cornwall Council website at http://planning.cornwall.gov.uk/online-applications/ The planning application is number PA13/09608.
You need to register before you post any comments, positive or negative. The application includes the narrowing of Bickland Water Road near the access to the development with a short combined pedestrian/cyclist path on the western side only

Bickland water Road.

Some weeks ago Don Gunner pointed out to me a newspaper report about housing development along Bickland Water Road, near the Budock turn. It stated that road improvements would include narrowing of the road to slow the traffic down.

Concerned that this could add to the difficulties for cyclists using the road I contacted the developer through CSA Architects and asked for further details. Their response was “Whilst we are looking to narrow the road, part of the proposal also includes a dedicated cycle path along the entire frontage of our site to ensure it is significantly safer for cyclists in the area. This is something that is being instigated by Cornwall Council along the entire length of Bickland Water Road”. I then contacted Jodie Boex, Sustainable Transport Group Leader at Cornwall Council for details of this planned provision but she told me that she was unaware of any proposals. But she did confirm that they would expect a Section 106 contribution towards cycling and pedestrian improvements, if development took place in that area. So, keep a look out for any further reports so that we can comment on the plans when they are made public.


Suicide Alley.
Martyn, Robin and myself recently met to discuss the club’s strategy for addressing the dangers of “suicide alley”. We agreed that there was a definite need for a safe cycling route from Falmouth to Truro and whilst there is an adequate route from Falmouth to the Carclew Road, via Hangman’s Hill, and from Carnon Gate to Truro, the section in between, along the A39, is inadequate and recognised by the highway authority as unsafe.
The Cornwall Council have no plans to upgrade this section of the A39.
We think that there is potential to create a combined cycle/footpath alongside the creek, opening up the area to both walkers and cyclists, and providing a link to the BIssoe trail. This is quite an imaginative solution to the problem and must be seen as a long term aim. Robin has discussed this plan with the owner of the house at the Carnon Gate end and the developer of the Perran Foundry, whilst Martyn will be seeking support from CTC and Sustrans. In the meantime the Cornwall Council has agreed to include the Wheelers in consultation over their proposals for cycling provision in and around Falmouth, due out later this year.

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