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Hair today .... gone tomorrow .......we have raised £480 so far ........

Why will not Bernie Bagley, Dean Evans, Richard Fuller, Simon Jones, Chris Lampitt, Jim Lyle, Richard Mace, Fred Pullen,
Dale Scarr, Robin Snelson, Ian Murrells and David Spargo shave their top lip throughout the month of Movember?
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Denise's Women V Cancer ride through the night.
Hi everyone, 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        On 31st May 2014 I am taking part in 100k bike ride through the night in London to raise funds for womens cancer. Women V Cancer ride the night will support Breast cancer care, Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, and Ovarian Cancer ac...tion. This is the first women only night cycle challenge to raise fund to fight breast, cervical and ovarian cancers. I am writing to you all in the hope that you will help me to raise as much money as possible for these great causes. Every woman who is diagnosed with one of these life threatening diseases is someones Mum, Daughter, partner or friend. I can remember the shock that I first felt when I first heard that my young Niece had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is now in remission and we are all keeping our fingers crossed. So, please help me to raise some money to fight womens cancer.   
Please visit my justgiving page to donate:
Thanks Denise


Cyclethon 2010

Against predicted odds the 2010 Cyclethon around Pendennis Point was blessed with fair weather with rain only making a half-hearted appearance in the closing minutes. The refreshment stops, KK’s Cave and Bernie and Liz’s motor home, were groaning under the weight of so much delicious cake that it seemed at times to this rider that we were actually taking part in a Cakethon.

As well as Falmouth Wheelers it was good to see so many ‘guest’ cyclists in the peloton and a wide variety of cycles including tandems, fixies, recumbent trikes, vintage bikes and folding bikes. One cyclist, Sharon, managed to cycle for 24 hours whilst a lot of other riders set themselves limited distance/time targets. Several riders aimed for 100 miles, which it has to be said can get a bit tedious going around and around a one and a half mile circuit if it wasn’t such a scenic ride with good company.

The ride was officially finished with everyone doing the final lap together and fancy dress prizes were presented to Sister Terry, the cycling nun, and Elvis Perran looking resplendent in black and gold lame complete with rubber wig. The money raised for Cornwall Hospice Care and Precious Lives is being counted and pictures of the day are expected soon.

In 2009we managed to collect £4,021.62p for Red Nose Day. 
Here are some pictures of our 2009 24 hour Cyclethon... 


  Sunrise at Pendennis Point - there are worse places for the heroic cyclist to take a well earned rest.

photo: Liz Bagley
Base camp.
JW: I'll never forget the look of emotion on Rob's face as he finished after riding 280 miles(plus) and everybody clapped him in.
Paul Jordan: I think you should make Rob Young do a lap of honour...
Charlie looking distinctly apprenhensive as the                    Red Leader and stoker Karen aboard the
life of our local MP hangs precariously in the balance.         Starship Enterprise sporting The Nose.
Denise, cake-maker extraordinaire...                                      and one of her extraordinary cakes.
And here are (Saturday) pictures of some the other mad fools who took part, with thanks to Tom Bird who took most, if not all, of them.
Pretty darn good aren't they?

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