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Tour of Yorkshire 2015

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Day 6 in the big brother house... 

Rain, relationship commitments, fatigue and disinclination split the group today. 

5 of the people on this cycling holiday were inclined to cycle today. We were lulled into a false sense of security by the weather man promising that it would brighten by lunch time. He lied! Regardless though, we had a lovely, if wet and cold, ride up the Littondale valley to Arncliffe, we climbed steadily up Nab End to Malham cove. It was difficult to enjoy the fast, wet descent into Malham but we were delighted to find the fire lit in the pub when we arrived. After draping our soggy clothes liberally around the pub, most of us partook of a pint of the liquid brown sports drink that has fuelled most of the holiday, and enjoyed a light lunch. It was difficult to don the now warm but still soggy items again but the (illusory) promise of lifting weather and a short blast home spurred us on through Kirby Malham, Hetton, Cracoe to home - dripping but happy. 

Other member of the crew entertained themselves variously by shopping in Skipton, touring Skipton castle, visiting Rippon, and walking up to Malham Cove. 

We're off out for supper to the local hostelry now so I can't promise any more sense will be spoken tonight. Heading home to Cornwall tomorrow after a well organised, challenging, invigorating holiday. Thank you to all those involved in the organisation and planning. 

The people who have cycled all week have accumulated the same ascent as if they had gone up Everest on their bikes - and looking round the room .... it shows! 


Day 5 in the big brother house....

           A select group decided that the draw of Harrogate outweighed the delights of cycling today - although they tell me the reality was more disappointing than the anticipation. Credit cards remained relatively unscathed. 

         The rest of us trusted Fred to lead a more civilised ride through the Yorkshire dales. We went to Kettlewell, had a brief detour to look at Linton falls, a coffee break at Bolton Abbey, lunch in Ilkley, Greenhow Hill (the gentle way) and home. It was a delicious lunch stop at the Smoothy cafe in Ilkley (a real gem). We progressed at a pleasant pace and only one really steep climb to reduce the joy (momentarily). The boys even managed to find a pint or 2 of the local brown sports drink before reaching home. 54 miles 5049 feet. 

Another delicious meal of lemon chicken finished off a relaxing, well-paced day.

Day 3 & 4 in the big brother house.... A delightful couple of days with the group splitting various different ways depending on fatigue / fitness and application. 

The truly dedicated cyclists did 2 extremely long challenging days with thousands and thousands of feet of climbing - whoever gave Robin the 'too 100 climbs' book needs shooting. The highlights: 

Weds - Kettlewell, Park Rash (a vertiginous climb), Gouthwaite reservoir, Pately Bridge, Greenhow Hill, home. 56 miles, 6257 feet climb.

Thurs - Bolton Castle, Reeth, Tan Hill Pub, Ox Nop Scar (another vertiginous climb), Aysgarth, home. 70 miles, 8500 feet climb. 1000 of these feet of climbing were achieved on foot over 4.5 miles of ragged terrain, sometimes carrying their bikes (apparently it was a short cut - why do they trust him?!) 

The more sensible did variations on the above themes, or separate rides all together. Some even walked (when they planned to walk - see above!) or fished.


The whole group(ish) rode today from Reeth up the long steady hill to the Tan Hill pub (the highest pub in England - it's views exceeded its other charms...) then looped back round via Keld and Thwaite (29 miles) a really stunning loop. Waving the dedicated off on their return slog before tucking into tea and cake and driving back themselves. 

A delicious roast dinner topped off another great day.

Day 2 in the big brother house.... Yesterday's adventures left a couple of team members fatigued today so we did a staggered start. 8 of us set off from the luxury accommodation up the valley to Kettlewell, took a left at Buckden and started our first long initially gentle eventually steep climb up Fleet Moss (the 1st 'top 100' of the day). The views were...... ABSENT! We whistled down the descent, barely able to see where we were going through the mist / fogged glasses into Hawes.
Carol Pullen's photo.Carol Pullen's photo.After tea and delicious cake in Hawes we set off with 3 more team members along the Wensleydale valley to Askrigg, where we turned left and started another long, and at times steep climb over Ox Nop scar (our 2nd 'top 100' today) into Swaledale. A gentle climb through the valley presented our lunch stop opportunity in Thwaite. The pub/cafe combo gave 2 team members the opportunity to have their first 2 pints of brown liquid 'sports' drink in preparation for the third 'top 100' climb up Buttertubs. This Tour de France climb had some short sharp treats to keep the boys happy, and was luckily shorter than the first climb and was relatively easily achieved by everyone. There was a wonderful sweeping descent back into Hawes. The 3 joiners left the team for a lift home, and 3 of the original starters cadged a lift to the top of this morning’s climb (it's demoralising to know exactly how steep and painful the approaching climb is!). They waited here for the 5 die-hards, who climbed the hardest and highest rated climb of the day. Once they had regrouped they all continued on the long enjoyable descent all the way home - well, some of us came home... Some had to have a little more brown 'recovery' drink in a local hostelry (or 2). The die-hards rode 55 miles, ascended 5869 feet, and spent 3308 calories, the first split rode 51 miles (4800 feet) and the second split rode 20 miles (3000 feet) - luckily we had a delicious spaghetti bolognaise waiting for us on our return. A good day was had by all. Tom commends the bike shop in Skipton (Chevin cycles) for superb, good value service - hopefully we won't need to visit them again....
Day 1 in the big brother house....

Some of the team had a ride yesterday (see separate report) but the whole group, 16 of us, set off this morning in the glorious sunshine. Robin outlined a delightful route starting at out from our luxury barn accommodation up the Littondale valley climbing steadily past Halton Gill to a shoulder beside pen-y-Ghent (approx. 650m) before a long sweeping descent to Settle. 20 miles in we stopped for an early, delicious, lunch in the 'Old Naked Man' in Settle. We were hoping for a sight of naked old men but no luck! The group split 50:50 after lunch with one group taking the supposed flatter route around the valley bottoms (Airton / Grassington / home - via a tea shop). This group had a couple of mechanicals (Tom's chainset parted company from his bike and Sonjia had a 'P' - abbot repaired by Tom) but apparently the cream tea was delicious! (Approx. 45 miles) The other half accepted the challenge of trying 2 of the 'top 100 climbs' (Langcliffe Scar and Malham cove, and several other climbs in between - the best incline 1in 4). They had a much steeper, but slightly shorter, return home through stunning scenery (approx. 42 miles) The pub in Malham supplied a couple of pints of brown sports drink half way round this route, but the pub in Litton let the team down by being closed! A couple of the truly dedicated cycled a few extra miles further to get their liquid replacement therapy.... A delightful first day, rounded off by delicious fish pie and pineapple surprise with lots of wine.


 Amanda Bramwell's photo.



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